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    Why should you use software to stuff a container?

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    Why should you use software to stuff a container?

    Filling a shipping container is an art, like assembling a 3-D puzzle. Put the pieces together just right, and you win a prize: lower freight costs.

    This is because the charges for ocean freight are for the use of the container itself. The more you load into a container, the fewer containers are needed for shipping, ultimately resulting in huge cost savings. So, if you are paying $5,000 to ship a container from point A to point B, the price will remain the same regardless of whether you managed to fill the container to maximum capacity.

    The more products you fit in, the less you pay per unit / per CBM.

    In the old days, experienced load planners worked with graph paper, a ruler, and a pencil to calculate how to best fit cargo into a container. Many of those people are real professionals and managed to do a great job. But as we all know, even the most experienced load planners can’t crunch numbers as fast, effectively, or accurately as a computer can.

    And besides, pen and paper? In 2021?


    At ComTainer, we believe that stuffing a container (Fitting cargo into a container), designing it in the most accurate way to maximize maintenance of the cargo itself, and maximizing the space in the container, is a blend of both art and science. We’ve designed a platform that implements rules to maximize space while creating artistic 3-D displays of the inside of the container.

    Today, consolidators, forwarders, traders, and other players in the logistics game know that the time has come to use accurate, reliable, and, most importantly, easy-to-use technology.

    Pallets and boxes come in different sizes. Some are unstackable, while others are non-rotatable. It’s complex, and more often than not, it creates costly inefficiencies within the container. 

    You need an automated system that will accurately calculate and stuff the content in your shipping container, in the shortest time while maximizing the space in the container. 

    Logistics professionals know they should work with a sophisticated user-friendly system that will assist them streamlining the process of stuffing. Now, with ComTainer, they can. 

    All the user has to do is enter the ComTainer system and register for a free account. They can enjoy the world’s leading stuffing container system.

    Once registered, users enter the data for the cargo they want to load into the container. The system provides a detailed loading plan that fits cargo into containers with the correct weight distribution. The plan includes a diagram showing where to place each piece, and instructions on loading the container. 

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