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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Must my agent (destination country) log in?

    Ideally  both the consolidator and the agent in the destination country use the system, but the system is structured in such a way that even when only one of the parties uses the system they will benefit from its many features.

    Is the Loading calculator feature completely free?

    YES, we at ComTainer want you to enjoy the best stuffing container tool absolutely free!

    Does the system interface to ERP ?

    In principle, our system was designed to interface with any cloud system.

    We will be happy to help and interface with your ERP system. Please contact us so we can implement the process ASAP.

    How long does the implemented take?

    The system was designed for an efficient, timely implementation process. We do require that you provide enough information so that the system can deliver the benefits you deserve to streamline the consolidation process. 

    You will need to enter company details into the system, and price lists into the appropriate places. 

    If needed, our team can help guide you through the system setup, or enter this information for you. Contact us today and we can help you get started immediately.


    Will my customers only see my prices?

    Your customer will only see your prices, which you set for them.

    You can even assign specific price lists to specific customers. That way your customers will not see a default price list, but the specific price list for them.

    Are the prices available for my client 24/7?

    Definitely. Prices are available for your customer 24/7

    Your customers can easily see prices and book space in a container anytime, day or night.

    Does the system also work with air shipments?

    Currently, Comtainer.tech is designed for ocean shipments. We are in the process of developing features for air shipping, and will let you know what those features are available.

    Must I have a website to use Comtainer.tech ?

    NO!  You can use Comtainer.tech even if you don’t have any website! 

    Our platform provides you with everything you need. All you have to do is enter your prices into the system and keep on delivering the best service you know how to give.

    Do you charge a fee for uploading price lists?

    No! You can upload your price lists on our site for free through our user-friendly interface.

    As a service, our staff can upload price lists for you at a cost of $40 per price list.

    Do you charge a fee for updating existing prices?

    No! You can update your rates by yourself through our user-friendly interface.

    If you prefer, our staff can update your rates. We charge $20 for up to 15 rows and $40 for 16 rows or more.


    What does it cost to use ComTainer’s platform?

    ComTainer is a free-of-charge service for importers and exporters. 

    You can use our stuffing container feature as much as you want! 

    It is absolutely free.

    Got anything other than a container stuffing tool?

    Yes! Our platform has a number of additional features and tools for you to use!

    Tired of constantly contacting your forwarder and waiting for quotes?

    Tell your forwarder about ComTainer.tech, where they can publish your designated rates online and have them available for you, 24/7

    You can log in, enter your cargo details, and see your rates online!

    And everything … Absolutely free!

    Why should I register on the website?

    Registration to our website is quick and easy. You won’t be asked to enter a means of payment since everything is free!

    After you register, you will have access to a number of features, including:

    • Downloadable PDF container plans that you can send to relevant contacts
    • Excel shipment uploads for large shipments
    • Updates to new features within the platform
    Who is the stuffing tool feature most suitable for?

    he stuffing tool helps maximize container space and utilize the entire container efficiently. 

    It helps anyone who wants to send shipments using as few containers as possible, to reduce shipping costs, such as importers and suppliers. It also enables forwarders to help their customers streamline containers. 

    Consolidators can benefit from the calculator by having the system automatically instruct them how to streamline the entire consolidation process.

    And it can also be great for the consolidator’s agent in the destination country, who will be able to prepare for the container that is being shipped by the consolidator.